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The winning of a trophy is often a memory that’s emblazoned into the minds of those who have ever experience such a moment. It stands apart as a moment rich in success and pride, and the trophy itself is the very actualization of this. It represents the hard work that went into the achieving of the trophy or award. It is a keepsake that many like to display in their homes, as a reminder of the good feelings that came with it. Tao Designer Glass is a company that specialises in the production of glass trophies and crystal awards.

All of the glass crystal trophies made by Tao Designer Glass are made with a specialized sandblasting technique that enhances the appearance of the awards and improves their quality. Tao Designer Glass holds the quality of their work at an extremely high standard, and they pride themselves on their attention to detail. Lani Lindeque, a customer of Tao Designer Glass and conference co-coordinator stated that she was “blown away… [with] the quality of… service and the awards.” Many other customers have the same to say of the glass crystal trophies produced by Tao Designer Glass, and these are view able on their website at www.glasstrophies.co.za.

For only the best and most beautiful in glass crystal trophies and awards, Tao Designer Glass is the company to turn to for all your trophy and award requirements! Not only are they available at affordable prices, but also their value remains priceless as they represent only the best, given to the best. To contact them with an enquiry, or to find out more, call Tao Designer Glass on (011) 826 2349 or 082 441 3330, or e-mail them on lmeikle@polka.co.za